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may 2017

it's hard to keep items in stock due to other commitments but i still make small batches, and cabinets to order, feel free to contact me.

1 december 2014

happy to announce i'll be carrying boards from intellijel in addition to make noise and tiptop audio.  

and, i'm about to finish a batch of 15u 150hp cases, contact me if you 'd like to reserve one.

and, i'm really hoping to update this website in 2015, thanks for looking.

12 march 2014

i've been too busy to update this blog much; check my instagram or twitter feeds for some recent case photos

17 june 2013

frames are now available.  side cheeks in 6u, 12u, 18u, and 24u configurations will be released in the coming weeks.  humboldt's system shown below.

26 may 2013

very excited to be about to offer a new modular case architecture.  the new aluminum frames are now on hand, i'm just waiting for power supplies.  a variety of configurations in hardwood and bamboo plywood will be available at around $290 per 6u, plus power.  email for volume/preorder discounts.

22 may 2013

release of aluminum frames due shortly...

28 aug 12

I've been having fun working on new shapes for the end cheeks for the new metal frames.  Here are a few in walnut and spalted maple.  I chose to use slightly oversized pieces of 1" thick wood for the smaller cases, as my experience patching with 3u and 6u desktop cases is that more weight helps resist the force of pulling cables out of recalcitrant jacks.   Plus, I just like the feel of them.


march 2012

i'm currently behind on releasing the new designs as i'm trying to keep up with orders for existing designs and clear a backlog of commitments.  thanks to everyone for the patience and support.   i spend almost all the time that i'm not at my day job doing this, and it is challenging to keep up.   one way i'm addressing that is a diy/flatpack/modular design that may be the first to be released as it will be cut by machines.  it will be simple, inexpensive, and elegant.  i'm just about to get the prototype pieces cut, stay tuned.

a new prototype 11/2011

a folding 104hp 12u case will be available in february 2012 in a couple of different woods and configurations, as well as a diy bolt-together kit.  this one is 14lb for 416hp.  hardware will be as low-profile and unobtrusive as possible, and the front row will be slightly deeper than in the photos.   the size will be just under most airline carry-on dimensions and a padded bag will be available.

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