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simplicity and an uncluttered aesthetic are important design criteria.  i prefer the clean look of a butted joint to complement the lines on these designs.  i'd like to see these cabinets still in use in the distant future; all joints are made strong by hidden tenons.  i also prefer not to look at exposed fasteners or hardware, so rails and brackets are mounted internally and feet are effective but minimal.

additional information common to all these designs is located at the bottom of this page.


6u curved hardwood boat, 104hp vector rails, interior depth 60mm front row, 65mm back row.  angle matches 9u and 12u cases, back height matches front height of 12u case.  exterior dimensions 326mm x 105mm x 574mm.

$370 in walnut

a slanted version with 55mm front row/ 80mm back row is available


$310 as a flat version/75mm depth.


9u poplar curved case shown, 104hp vector rails.  row depths top to bottom: 90mm, 107mm, 74mm.   height 394mm, depth 311mm.  weight 13 lbs.

$990 in walnut

this model can be made with a flat back to be rotated 90 degrees and used in a console-like configuration.

12u poplar curved case shown, 104hp vector rails.  row depths top to bottom: 106mm, 108mm, 142mm, 93mm. height 536mm, depth 348mm.  weight 16 lbs.

$1330 in walnut



15u poplar curved case shown, 104hp vector rails.  row depths top to bottom: 87mm, 93mm, 117mm, 130mm, 73mm. height 660mm, depth 364mm.

$1540 in walnut


as of 8/15/14:

6u added to stock, next batch will be 15u 150hp.   also, check the store for aluminum frame models.  if you'd like to be added to the queue for any of the above designs, please email me, they will be made in batches.

the prices above are for the cabinet and include vector rails and plenty of M2.5 square nuts and screws.  threaded strips can be substituted at an additional cost, but are only available in 84hp widths, so wider cabinets may require multiple pieces in each rail.   M3 threaded strips for a 104hp row will add $25 per row, and 150hp is $32.

cabinets can be made up to 150hp in width at an additional cost of $35 per row. 

power elements and shipping costs are additional, as well as sales tax if shipped within the state of california.  tiptop studio zeus boards are available @$115, and make noise boards at $130.  i charge $15 per installed board to help cover the hardware, time(!), and wiring, and $25 per jack and (switchcraft) switch i install.  you are welcome to take care of the power yourself if you prefer.

given all the above, here's an exmple cost breakdown for a 15u 150hp walnut cabinet with threaded strips:

$1540 15u cabinet

$175 150hp upgrade 

$125 threaded strips

$1035 9 Tiptop Studio Zeus boards

$75 three jacks/switches 

$135 board installation and hookup

$180 three Tiptop-spec Cincon 4.6A 15VDC power supplies (three boards maximum from one PSU)

$3265 total (plus shipping and sales tax if in ca)

fedex ground is usually the least expensive way to ship in north america, and can be estimated for your location at their website.  ships from 93514, box (for this example) is 38 x 18 x 38, 48 lbs.

one more note on power - sizing the power system is important and ultimately the responsibility of the system integrator (you!).  i am happy to make recommendations but ultimately the user must total up their current needs.  the forum is full of information and advice on sizing power systems, as well as tiptop audio's zeus manual available at their website. or other module layout planners can be helpful too, but be aware that not all modules have their current draws populated in the database, so the total you see may not be accurate.

i've become too busy to do custom work.

thanks for your patience and support!













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